Interest Free payment plan

Interest Free payment option. This option is only available for courses and not self-study CDs or exams. It is available to you within the following guidelines:

Once a fee has been agreed, AAL may offer you, at its discretion, interest free payment terms. Note: AAL has the right to refuse interest free payments at its own discretion and will not disclose reasons for refusal. The total premium will need to be paid IN FULL not less than 1 month BEFORE the course starts. AAL will decide the length and payment amounts to be offered to you. Once accepted, the 1st instalment will be payable immediately, unless otherwise agreed by AAL in writing. The remaining instalments will be scheduled and AAL will send you an email/ invoice reminder prior to each payment deadline. If any remaining payment is not paid for any reason, AAL retains the right to cancel the course and return all payments made. Once the final payment is made, course details and confirmation will be sent to you, within 7 days of the course start date.

To discuss interest free payments further, please call our office on +44 208 290 7800

Note: Every time you use your credit card on our website, the credit card company charges us a fee. Unfortunately this means we have to charge you this fee to cover the costs, and this fee is 2.5% for personal cards and 3.5% for corporate cards. For American Express and Diners Card, this fee is 3%. This is added onto your booking at the payment stage. The amount will be informed to you at the point of sale and also will be documented on the invoice sent. Such fees will be charged on each instalment. Debit card payments & Bank Transfers (BACS or CHAPS) payments will incur no charge or fee.

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