Absolute Applications was founded back in May 1998 by George Kleanthous, and we continue to grow and expand our business year on year.

George has spent over 20 years in the industry, all in the Oracle arena.

It was recognised at a very early stage that Oracle was a sector that he wanted to focus on, due mainly to the lack of specialist recruiters focusing on the Oracle work space.

Businesses were far too focused on short term strategies with no second thoughts for the companies own staff.

George felt that there was a short sighted view on trying to achieve long term success. It was very difficult to encourage loyalty in staff when the companies themselves were making it ever increasingly difficult for their top performers to feel suitably recognised and valued for their achievements.

A continual high turnover of staff would have an on-going impact on the ability of the business to service clients successfully if the client account managers were always changing. 

On the basis of what George had witnessed at previous recruitment companies, he decided to start his own company that had a view that it’s staff should be supported and rewarded in equal measure to reflect the success of the company.

Despite turbulent times in recent years, due mainly to the global recession, Absolute Applications pushed through and set up 2 new organisations in the USA and Canada. This allows the company to successfully service all of our clients Worldwide even more efficiently; however, the main reason for this was simply due to the demand from clients for Absolute Applications to expand its services.

In addition, Absolute Applications was invited to become an Oracle University Education re-seller by Oracle Corporation. Absolute Applications passed all Oracles stringent selection criteria and due diligence for this and now Absolute Applications is able to provide a service of selling Oracle University Training to candidates and clients alike.